Horse Riding Safari

Discover the natural beauty of the Egyptian desert on the back of reliable Berber and Arabian horses. The horses are suitable for all skill levels, beginners as well as experts. They are surefooted, friendly and also appropriate for children.

Horse riding equipment such as riding helmets and chaps are provided at the stable. Children are welcome to either participate to the beach ride or to ride on the paddock at the stable.

Horse Riding tour - 2 hrs

The 2 hours horse ride takes you through the desert and along the beach with a short (photo-) break at the lagoon. You have the choice between a sunset or sunrise horse ride.

Enjoy a gallop along the sandy beach, smell the salty sea and feel the wind in your hair!

Horse Riding tour - 3 & 4 hrs

The 3 & 4 hours horse ride provides longer distances through the desert and over sandy hills, which provide you very nice views!

The tours usually take place in the winter season, with riding start in the morning and they are privately guided. 

Enjoy great views of the desert landscape and feel the magic atmosphere!

Horse Riding packages

You want to go riding with us for minimum 3 times during your holiday? Contact us for a special offer. 

You want to go horse riding, but your friend prefers a quad ride? Contact us for a combined tour package.

Horse ride with Arabian stallion

Advanced riders have the possibility to ride one of our purebred arabian stallions or mares.

The ride takes 2 hours and is privately guided.

Feel the power and have a great experience to remember!